Desert Safari with Dune Buggy – A Thrilling Experience 2023

Desert Safari with Dune Buggy: A Thrilling Adventure That You Can’t-Miss

Extreme Dune Buggy is perfect if you want a unique and exciting way to experience the Desert Safari Dune buggy, are off-road vehicle designed to handle the rough terrain of the desert. They are the ideal way to explore Dubai’s desert’s dunes, valleys, and mountains. In this article, we will look at dune buggy adventures in Dubai, including the best places to go, how to choose the suitable buggy, and what to expect during your adventure.

Introduction to Dune Buggy Adventures in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its luxury lifestyle, but it also has a wild side that attracts adventure-seekers worldwide. One of the most popular adventure activities in Dubai is dune buggy riding. Dune buggies are small, lightweight vehicles designed to tackle the challenging terrain of the desert. They are an exciting way to experience the beauty and ruggedness of the Dubai desert.

The Best Places for Dune Buggy Riding in Dubai

There are several places in Dubai where you can go dune buggy riding, but some are more popular. One of the most popular locations for dune buggy adventures is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is a protected area that covers over 225 square kilometers of desert. The reserve is home to various wildlife, including the Arabian oryx and the sand gazelle.

Another popular location for dune buggy adventures is the Dubai Al Ain Road. This is a stretch of road that runs through the desert, and it offers spectacular views of the dunes. The road is not very busy so you can enjoy a peaceful and thrilling ride through the desert.

How to Choose the Right Dune Buggy

When choosing a dune buggy for your adventure, consider a few things. First, you should consider the size of the buggy. Buggies come in different sizes, and you want to choose one that is comfortable for you and your passengers. Second, you should consider the power of the buggy. Buggies with more horsepower are faster and more exciting to ride.

Finally, you should consider the safety features of the buggy. You want to ensure the buggy has seat belts, roll cages, and other safety features to protect you in an accident. Arabian Adventures and other reputable dune buggy tour operators in Dubai will provide you with the appropriate safety gear and instructions before you start your adventure.

What to Expect During Your Dune Buggy Adventure

Your dune buggy adventure in Dubai will be an unforgettable experience. You will get to explore the desert uniquely and thrillingly. You will feel the wind in your hair as you speed over the sand dunes and see breathtaking views of the desert landscape. You may even get to see some desert wildlife, such as the Arabian oryx.

One thing to remember is that dune buggy riding can be physically demanding. You must be in good physical condition and prepared for a bumpy ride. You should also bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Desert Safari with a dune buggy experience is a must-do activity. Most thrill seekers who enjoy adventure have a desert safari with a dune buggy on their wish list. If you enjoy interacting with these potent all-terrain vehicles, make sure to embark on this journey.

Dune buggy excursions are another variety of desert safari. Visitors to Dubai must go on a desert safari because a trip there wouldn’t be complete without it.

This desert safari features a variety of exciting activities, like camel riding and sandboarding. If this elevates your curiosity, let’s go over the specifics, so you can understand what we’re offering and how it can enhance your vacation.

Why Book With DesertLeapSafari?

We always make sure to offer our clients services that are welcoming. We have included many fun things in our desert safari with a dune buggy to make your vacation even better. Additionally, we offer customer-friendly policies so everyone can book packages with complete satisfaction.

Numerous people travel to the deserts of Dubai to partake in the desert safari, which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. We are offering you different discounts and offers as a result. Don’t forget to avail them!

What Are We Offering In This Package?

Desert safari is getting more popular daily; on the other hand, the dune buggy ride is also excellent. Considering this, we created a combo called “Desert Safari With Dune Buggy.” Let us guide you through the details of a desert safari with a dune buggy.

Tour By Land Cruiser

This adventure will begin with a desert tour as you enjoy the beauty of the desert in the specially designed Land Cruiser. This will enhance your vacation experience. You will become acquainted with many aspects of the desert by taking the time.

Dune Buggy

The dune buggy included in this package is a 1000 CC with two seats. This ride can be enjoyed with a friend or with your partner.

Dune buggies are the most popular form of transportation in the desert. They are great for exploring off-road destinations and for making sandboarding.

The dune buggy is an automobile designed to be used off-road or on loose sand. It is usually a lightweight open vehicle with four wheels and no roof, but it can also be a convertible or pickup truck with an empty bed and four large wheels.


You will have the opportunity to go on a dune buggy adventure in the magnificent red dunes of the Dubai desert. Red dunes are sandy dunes with a red color due to the presence of iron oxide (hematite) coatings on individual grains. This is the best place to ride a dune buggy.


We will take a break after the dune buggy ride. You will be reactivated by our refreshing system, which we have set up for you during this time. In that case, we are refreshing you because the upcoming activities will consume your energy.

Dune Bashing & Sand Boarding

The following activity in this package will be the most well-known: dune bashing as you are taken high on the dunes and rapidly descend in your vehicle. This will significantly enhance your desert safari experience. Our expert drivers will lead this activity, demonstrating their professional driving skills.

After that, you will have the opportunity to go sandboarding on the desert dunes. You will be given a skateboard and instructed to slide down it. This is a fun activity to do in the desert.

Refreshing Shows

Once you get free from all these excellent activities, you will show our fantastic shows that will perform by experts. The show details are given below.

Tanoura Dance Show: The Tanoura is a type of dance show in the Middle East performed by a group of females or males. The Tanoura dance show is an ancient dance performance that originated in the Middle East. A group of dancers typically performs it, including music, singing, and hand gestures. The Tanoura was performed initially to entertain guests during parties.

Belly Dance: Belly Dance is an ancient form of dance that originated in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a sensual dance that involves the dancer’s hips, stomach, and thighs. It is often seen as a part of a cabaret show or entertainment at private parties or events.

Fire Show: It is also an incredible and dangerous show that the executives put on. It is made up of various stunts and tricks performed by experts. These experts are highly trained and will undoubtedly dazzle the audience.

Henna Painting & Camel Riding

The next activity will be henna painting, a popular and traditional tourist activity during a desert safari. Henna painting has been used to express love between spouses or courting couples in many cultures, but it is not limited to romantic purposes.

Following this, you can participate in the most difficult activity, camel riding. This will transport you to a time when Arabians were present and accurately depicts those scenes. Camel riding is one of the most enjoyable activities every tourist wishes to partake in while visiting the desert.

BBQ Dinner with unlimited soft drinks

Last but not least, you will undoubtedly become hungry after all these activities, but don’t worry; we have made adequate provisions for you. The BBQ dinner will be served so that you can relax and enjoy it under the beautiful desert sky. This will give you positive vibes. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our unlimited soft drink offer.

Things Need To Keep In Mind

It will help if you remember these essential things to elevate your desert safari experience.

  • The duration of this package will be 7 hours in total, and this package dune buggy Dubai price will be 900 AED for 2 persons.
  • Keep in mind that the dune buggy ride will only last 30 minutes. Make sure you enjoy the dune buggy ride to your liking.
  • You do not need to be concerned about safety features because we will provide you with a helmet and goggles to safely enjoy the dune buggy ride.
  • We do not require your driver’s license. Don’t worry if you don’t have permission; you can still enjoy the ride.
  • The tour in the land cruiser will be a shared vehicle.
  • We will allow you to see two belly dance shows in this package.
  • There is no insurance coverage for Dune Buggies and Quad Bikes. Before the tour, the client must sign a disclaimer form/waiver.


How old must you be to drive a dune buggy in Dubai?

Children must be at least 14 years old to ride as a passenger. Children aged 6 to 13 can participate in the experience as passengers on the Private Buggy option, accompanied by their parents or an adult.

What is a buggy car?

A buggy is a small, lightweight vehicle with limited bodywork and off-road characteristics. Most are constructed from scratch or as kit automobiles. These types of vehicles are best for off-roading adventures like desert safari.

Do you need a license to drive a dune buggy in Dubai?

Tours do not require a driver’s license. A passport is the only requirement.

What do you wear to a dune buggy ride?

We recommend wearing breathable pants that protect you while riding the dunes. Shorts are acceptable in an SXS/UTV because you are inside the vehicle.


If you’re looking for a package combining a desert safari with a thrilling dune buggy ride, look no further and book this package immediately. This package desert safari with a dune buggy will undoubtedly provide you with the best experience possible because it includes all the must-do activities in the desert.

Furthermore, before making a reservation, remember the tips mentioned above. This will significantly improve your desert safari experience. Have fun!

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