Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

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Overnight Desert Safari

A Bol is a form of traditional music and dances with many variations in different countries. Our overnight desert safari will start with this mesmerizing Bol performance, setting the tone for an unforgettable night ahead. As the sun sets, we’ll hop into our luxurious 4×4 vehicles and take off on a thrilling dune-bashing drive across the remarkable landscape of golden dunes. Glimpsing beneath the desert stars, you can enjoy a seemingly endless horizon of golden sand stretching out far into the distance.

Once we reach our campsite, you can ride camels and explore the area to better understand what life is like in the Arabian Desert. Afterward, indulge in some delicious barbecue dinner under the stars with wine and soft drinks for a truly unique dining experience. Following dinner, there’s nothing like cozying up around the campfire to enjoy some live entertainment from local performers before heading off to your tents for a well-deserved rest under the blanket of stars.

Rise early to watch the breathtaking sunrise over the sand while having breakfast prepared by our friendly staff. After that, embark on an exciting wildlife safari as you traverse through fascinating landscapes and observe various species living in their natural habitat. Before returning to civilization, why not take advantage of one last chance to feel the sensation of riding across rolling dunes one more time on our custom 4×4 desert vehicles? An overnight Desert Safari adventure is guaranteed to be one that you won’t soon forget!


There is a high demand for overnight desert safari tours, and they tend to sell out quickly. When booking this package during the season, we suggest booking at least two months in advance. It might be possible to get a trip during the summer months if you need an off-season trip quickly.

A desert safari with your family is absolutely safe. Arrangements are made for both kids and adults. Children under the age of one should not go on the overnight desert safari because of the long hours of camel rides. They may experience motion sickness. Those with back issues older than 60 should seek medical advice before going on safari.

Clear skies can make it feel very cold, especially at night. Don’t forget to pack jackets for protection from the cold. Be sure to keep your camera handy at all times to capture the beauty of the desert at night.

There is something exquisite about desert safaris overnight. Tourists from all around the world visit them in high demand, which is no surprise. You get pick up and drop off services, camping, exclusive meals, excellent service from a professional staff, and entertainment events. In this land, you can eat Arabic dates and fresh coffee. You can customize the package according to your needs by contacting the coordinator.

There is a sense of being on a rollercoaster, but it is not frightening.

There is very little moisture in the air over a desert, as well as extremely low humidity. Water vapor plays a major role in regulating the earth’s temperature. Due to the lack of water in the desert, the ground is unable to hold heat. It lowers the desert’s nighttime temperature by 7 degrees Celsius compared with the coast.

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