Pro Tips for the Perfect Desert Safari Dubai

Traveling is a means to find relaxation and tranquility. However, Dubai’s natural beauty invites everyone to visit and have a look. There are several attractions in Dubai, but the most well-known and popular one is the desert safari.

People enjoy going on morning and overnight desert safaris, but what if you don’t know any pro tips for the perfect desert safari Dubai experience? Before traveling to Dubai, I’ll advise you to read the desert safari Dubai tips.

Additionally, you won’t need to look elsewhere for these tips because I’ll give you all the necessary advice for a successful desert safari journey in this article.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

9 Pro Tips for the Perfect Desert Safari Dubai

There are several things that every traveler is already aware of, even though we correctly assist you during the desert safari. I’m confident that if you use these tips, your journey on a desert safari will go perfectly.

1. Best Time To Visit & Timings

To ensure that your vacation is uninterrupted, tourists must always remember this critical info. Here are the times for our desert safari packages for your convenience.

Morning Desert Safari: The Morning Desert Safari lasts for 4 hours and takes place between 8 and 12 AM.

Overnight Desert Safari: The Overnight Desert Safari lasts for 17 hours and takes place between 2 PM and 9 AM approximately. With so many fun things to do, this desert safari package offers a lengthy desert excursion.

VIP Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner: The VIP Desert Safari lasts for 7 hours and takes place between 14;30 and 21:30. For more information check out our website.

Now, let’s discuss when a desert safari is most effective. From November to March, you may go on a desert safari in Dubai, which is what I would advise you to do. In general, the afternoons have excellent weather. It isn’t much chilly at night. The conditions are ideal for this kind of activity.

2. Never Drink or Eat Anything In Excess Before Your Desert Safari

Never take plenty of water before beginning your desert journey, especially before doing dune bashing, which is an exciting but bumpy event. Therefore, never stock up on food or water before beginning the thrilling trek if you want to truly experience the desert.

3. Gear Up Yourself With All Essential Items

It’s also an essential step to a fruitful and unforgettable travel experience. To preserve any amazing memories, always dress appropriately, put on sunglasses, and carry an HD camera. Drones are not permitted during the desert tour, so it would be best to leave them at home. Your attire should be appropriate for the weather and surroundings, such as loose dress suits that won’t irritate you while on the exciting voyage.

In the desert, get ready to adapt to any climate. Wear sandals or open-toed shoes. In the desert, those are significantly superior to pumps and coat shoes.

4. Avoid Dune Bashing If You Have Medical Issues

Dune-bashing is not advised for people with heart or back problems. In this rocky safari, pregnant ladies are strictly prohibited. To enjoy the activities of a desert safari, pregnant women can skip the dune-bashing and go straight to the dessert tent. Pregnant women should avoid morning desert safaris.

Therefore, in that situation, you can either choose to forego this activity and enjoy the rest of the desert safari instead of booking an alternative activity, such as camel riding and a Hot air balloon ride.

5. Never Consume Alcohol

This tip should need to keep in mind never bring alcohol with you on the evening desert trip. Each and every camp in the desert includes a bar where you may buy and eat it. However, bars are shuttered in desert camps throughout Ramadan. So its must for you to respect their rules because Dubai is an Islamic country

6. Be Aware Before Bringing Any Child With You

First, make sure you are not bringing any children, and then, if you must, bring them. Getting a private vehicle is an ideal substitute for going on a desert safari excursion with a young child or an infant. If your toddler is uneasy, you can urge the safari captain to slow down.

7. Always Bring Motion Sickness or Any Kind of Medication

It makes sense that you would not want your illness to derail your greatest adventure given that you are preparing for the craziest and most exciting journey of your life. You must pack motion sickness medication, whether or not you feel queasy. Most people who participate in exhilarating activities

8. Always Make Your Travelling Bag Light in Weight

This guidance is necessary for this unique activity because bringing a lot of luggage would make the spectacular Dubai desert safari experience less likely. Your handbag will get in the way of camel riding, sand boarding, and other daring activities.

The good news is that this advice and instructions apply to any tours where you are prepared to travel, not just desert safari tours.

9. Don’t Feel Shy For Asking More Dunes

Risk-takers who enjoy trying new, exhilarating adventures can benefit from this tip and instruction. The majority of visitors not only battle and compete to hit the other dune buggy drivers because they strive to go quickly and want to win the race but also enjoy dune buggy rides in the desert.

If you wish to relax and take in the sights of the desert safari tour, don’t be shy about telling your driver that these stunts and exhibits are alarming. Because if you express curiosity, your driver will undoubtedly do likewise.


What should I pack for a Desert Safari?

Although it is entirely up to you what you bring on your desert adventure, these items are strongly advised.

  • Outwear
  • Brimmed hat/ sun visor
  • Footwear
  • Gear (Including cameras)
  • Food & Drink
  • Hygiene
  • Medication

Is desert safari safe in Dubai?

Do not be concerned; a desert safari is a risk-free activity. Additionally, whether you engage in activities like camel riding or dune buggy, our instructor will fully assist you so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

What is the evening or overnight desert safari price?

Well, we offer overnight or evening desert safari for just 275 AED for 6 persons. Additionally, this safari will last 17 hours.

What to wear in desert safari during winter?

You can go in Leggings also you can wear pants or jeans. Long johns, union suits, long underwear, or any other item that can serve as a warm, lightweight foundation for your winter clothing are considered “base layers.” Alternately, make a fashion statement by pairing a pair of colorful leg warmers with fleece leggings.

What is the temperature range in a desert safari in Dubai?

Warmer temperatures are seen in the later months, with highs between 106.7°F (41.5°C) and 81.7°F (27.6°C). With around 0 days of significant precipitation per month, there is no rain. Since spring is the slowest season for travel, it’s a terrific time for great deals.


With so many activities, a safari in the Dubai desert is undoubtedly a fascinating experience for tourists. Remember that this activity will take place in a desert and that the desert environment differs from those in other places.

In order to avoid experiencing any changes during your trip on a desert safari, take in mind these desert safari Dubai tips. If you follow to all of these suggestions, I’m confident your trip will be excellent.

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