7 Unique Experience at Dubai Desert Safari

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Unique Experience at Dubai Desert Safari
Hi, I'm Shehzad Iqbal!
Hi, I'm Shehzad Iqbal!

Shehzad Iqbal is a CEO & writer based in Dubai, UAE. He has also lived in Pakistan, where he studied media theory at the New School. He loves introducing people to desert, and adventures around the globe.

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Unique Experiences at Dubai Desert Safari offer breathtaking views of the expansive deserts. Entering the foundation of Dubai allows one to feel the real embodiment of the city.

You can experience people’s cultural legacy and everyday relaxing activities just when you go for a premium desert safari in Dubai. On the off chance that you intend to visit Dubai or remain in Dubai, this is a fantastic chance that you ought not to pass up a significant opportunity.

Solace and extravagance, when consolidated, make a trip more fascinating and straightforward. The vast majority of the luxury packages get you a pick up from your home/lodging loft and drop you back home safely. That is why there are different extravagance and combo offers organized by travel services ranging from 60 dirhams to even a limit of 1000 dirhams.

7 Unique Experiences at Dubai Desert Safari

1. Dune bashing

An audacious premium desert safari is incomplete without dune bashing, as this has been a significant fascination of Dubai culture for quite a long time. Dune bashing was initially an interest for the local Emirati individuals, which later developed as a super entertainment visit program for individuals from all over the world.

Dune bashing

Dunes are hillocks of free sand particles which happen in various shapes and sizes framed because of the quick movement of the breeze. Dunes are, for the most part, found in seashores and deserts. Dune bashing is a fundamental desert sports action as a significant 4X4 games utility vehicle (SUV) like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Fortuner is utilized for riding.

While you go at a quick speed over the delicate plush dunes, you experience an exciting ride as you can’t sit idle. When you get seated, the vehicle moves at crazy paces while going up and down against the sand dunes to keep a perfect equilibrium. Dune bashing is an adrenaline-siphoning and amazingly exciting activity.

You will have to slide and jump from your seats as you move alongside the bumps. Try not to stress over the risk factors as the drivers are incredibly skilled. They ride in an exceptionally professional way, for the most part in an escort of vehicles to guarantee better safety. Also, the Dubai government has executed many principles and regulations to get you a charming and sound treatment.

There are different dune bashing packages accessible like the golden dune bashing, red dune bashing, and hummer safaris. The red dune bashing during the evening in premium Desert safari Dubai is the most well-known.0

2. Emirati Costume Photography

Incredible tours make a lifetime memory. So as with catching snaps. Don’t you feel your trip turns out to be more paramount when you have those photographs of your dear ones with you? Desert Safari Dubai offers you the chance to wear ethnic Emirati outfits and lets you accept photos too. You can love those delightful recollections back home.

3. Sand Boarding

Is there any individual who doesn’t like to climb over the messy dunes? Then, at that point, this probably won’t be for you. This is for Solo travelers. All you need is to tie your feet alongside the baseboard, which helps smooth sliding. It is much like Snowboarding, yet the materials utilized are very different. Have you considered what lies under the surface of the Sandboard?

Sandboard is a piece of hardware much like snowboard and is made of laminates of fiber which is frequently waxed (for a floating reason) before a run.

Sandboarding In a Desert

Even though you feel it is very audacious, it is incredibly safe and straightforward. Despite age and gender, you can do sandboarding consistently. Besides, you don’t need to be skilled to do this desert-based sports activity. You can improve as a slider by rehearsing it a few times. This brings equivalent energy as that of dune bashing and is a significant hit now among the guests of the Dubai desert safari.

4. Heena Painting, Hookah Smoking & Bird Holding

Inside the Arabian camp, you can see a lot of new and intriguing activities. Ladies and children can finish free henna works of art. Another feature is the sheesha, for sure we call hookah smoking.

Overnight Desert Safari - Unique Experience at Dubai Desert Safari

A sheesha is an act of smoking through a pipe or a bowl with a container loaded up with water, and you can take in reviving flavored smoke from it. This Arabian custom is a pattern maker among travelers, giving a different level of experience. If you like birds, particularly Middle Eastern eagles, you get an opportunity to snap a picture with an Arabian eagle.

5. Camel Riding

Numerous things add fun to camel riding, among which the critical factor is simply the camel itself. You get a 10 to 20-minute camel ride which makes your trip unwinding and full of happiness. Also, the aides will get some magnificent photographs of you with the camel. So what are you waiting for? Step back on schedule, and go for a nice camel ride in the magical Arabian Desert.

Camel Riding Safari

6. Yummy Barbeque

You get extraordinarily yummy and tasty Arabian cuisine in the camp with various grills. The dinner buffet incorporates vegetarian, and non-vegan food items like serving salads, potatoes, rice, hummus, desserts, and some more… Tea, coffee, water, and different beverages are limitless throughout the trip.

7. Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance, and Fire show

Here comes the principal feature of the evening camps! These are the live engaging projects not to be missed when you come to Dubai. Tanoura dance is an exceptionally skillful practice in Islamic countries, particularly Turkey and Egypt. The artist wears a weighty multicolored skirt and twists with the beats of the melody played for around 30 minutes or significantly more.

It is a religious dance that is much like Sufi dance. This looks genuinely challenging as the artist turns at a fast speed for quite a while and stops toward the end with no dizziness.

Overnight Desert Safari

Belly dance is one of the most well-known dance forms on the planet, with loads of feminity and elegance. It requires a well-maintained and organized body with sensual demonstrations that keep the viewers awake and energetic. The dancer wears a lavishly woven dress and takes a few astounding vibrant actions.

The fire show is an extraordinary dance that is difficult and simultaneously highly perilous. It is genuinely an epic sight to see the dancer’s risky demonstrations with fire.

Things to Remember While Going for a Desert Safari Dubai Trip

  • Dune bashing causes so many exciting twists and turns. So, try not to have a heavy meal before Dune bashing.
  • For going through the desert, set on sunscreen lotions to stay away from sunburns and carry sunglasses pair.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes which will make you comfortable in any event, during the daytime. Well, keep in mind there is no limitation on wearing any clothes.
  • Low-heel slippers or sandals are suggested for shoes as you can take them off and easily when compared with shoes and socks.
  • There is no need to convey juice or water as all will be given whenever required.
  • Remember to convey your loaded camera to take a few energizing snaps and keep little cash with you for personal purposes or on the off chance you want to spend for any extra rides.
  • Continuously ensure that you adhere to all the safety guidelines and measures. Although the tour agency will take care of you and contact you securely back home, you can save the number ‘999’ on your mobile for emergency purposes. This is the police number substantial everywhere in UAE.
  • Kids under three years are not recommended to go for dune bashing.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed to go for a dune bashing.
  • Individuals with back issues ought to reevaluate going for dune bashing.

Concluding Remarks

Desert safari Dubai stands first among different enjoyment places in Dubai, as it makes a thrilling experience, a scarce and unique element of a city like Dubai. It is a natural miracle of an Arabian land.

There is always something special for all of you to enjoy here. Premium desert safari Dubai exhibits the conventional side of Dubai. It empowers you to do a lot of things beginning from dune bashing sand boarding to having an extravagant BBQ buffet with the best, charming cultural night shows. For sure, we could say that it is the most loved tripping experience for any travel lover.

Table of Contents